Thinking Out Silent

14 04 2008

Some people like to code at a low level, I am not a member of that set. I prefer programming at an abstracted higher level. Being able to do more with less to me is both a time saver and a fun puzzle to solve. Not a time saver in the sense of having typed less code but in time saved from having to later hunt down obscure unpredicted behaviour. This statement by Carl Gauss applies here too: “You know that I write slowly. This is chiefly because I am never satisfied until I have said as much as possible in a few words, and writing briefly takes far more time than writing at length.” Most of my time is spent fixing compiler errors and those rarely amount to much. Usually if it compiles then it works. Any runtime errors are usually due to flaws in my logic which are so far without fail readily visible and transparent,not dulled and buried within layers of implementation. I remember once, when i used to try C++, hitting the run button was a frightening thing to do. I am glad those days are behind me.

On the other hand there is nothing inherent about C++ that makes it an unadvisable language for beginners or in general. Only within context can such a statment be considered. There was a time when C++ was a higher level language and made more sense as a beginner language (but not as much sense as Pascal or Basic) than it does today. But times have changed (and C++ hasnt aged well its become fat and loud) environments have gotten more complex and unless you are doing some proper systems programming there is no need to hanker yourself down worrying about every little detail of memory managament*, proper use of pointers or detailing every little thing of what you want done and other bit twiddling inanities. There are more important things to concern onesself with.



31 08 2007

I wonder which is more complex. A collection of interacting brains or the universe. I also wonder which allows whom.

rndm thuts on cmunictin

24 08 2007

The other day I was thinking about hours and hotels before stumbling upon a brilliant discovery. Grammar Nazis are Champions of Inconsistency.

The rules of syntax of natural languages are filled with exceptions and inconsistencies due to their organic manner of growth. Thus, anyone who champions the grammar of a natural language such as English must necessarily be a Champion of Inconsistency.

For example, H is not a vowel. But no one ever says a hour, its an hour. But you say a hotel. Cause an hotel sounds weird. []

This is why I prefer to have language serve me and not be its servant. The ultimate purpose of language is to allow communication between two objects capable of processing and acting on it, so long as it does this then it suffices. Natural Language carries thoughts from the human mind to the external, so it will always be imperfect. It may only suffice. Hence it seems silly to get annoyed when ppl – kids looking to display identity/membership – arbitrarily drp vwls and cnsnants from wrds. These people may use language as they see fit, it is merely an imperfect human tool.

If they are incomprehensible to me I say simply, I am sorry but I do not speak that language. I can only assume that their urgency to communicate outside their native group is minimal.


8 04 2007

I have been busy trying to get into a comfortable schedule with life and so had to go on a forced blogging hiatus. I am now back on path and should be able to blog regularly henceforth.

XNA Yayy

18 08 2006

In other news, I forgot to mention earlier that I got into the beta testing program, for Microsoft’s XNA Gamestudio (Express) – found out yesterday. Im so excited. Man its so annoying how little information there is on that thing. Nothing but empty air fluffed up media hype. But managed to scrounge up as much bare details that may be gotten.

XNA Framework will serve as a replacement of Managed DirectX, the 2.0 version which is dead.


Q: What exactly is the XNA Framework?
A: The XNA Framework allows game developers to create modern games using the C# programming language and a rich set of development libraries. The XNA Framework provides its own content pipeline to make it easy to get rich content (3D, 2D, sound, etc.) from content creation sources into a game. The XNA Framework also provides a very high level of API unification across the Windows and 360 implementations, thus virtually eliminating the cost and effort required to port games between these two platforms.


Q: How is this different than the .NET Framework?
A: The Framework is the leading development stack for building general purpose Windows-based applications. The XNA Framework was designed to leverage many familiar elements of the Framework, such as core class libraries and a Common Language Runtime, but is optimized for game development and execution. The XNA Framework includes a custom set of cross-platform libraries built from the ground up specifically for game development.


Q: Does the XNA Framework include the ability to use Xbox Live?
A: The initial release of the XNA Framework on the Xbox 360 will not have any support for networking. We realize this is a big area of interest for game developers and are actively working on a solution for the next release.

To those who know, does this networking incapability apply only to the xbox or windows as well?

XNA Game Studio Express – errr, Read this FAQ.

XNA Build, shorten build time and streamline process – you can see more here.

Satire Session

17 08 2006

People who use C++ like dropping pianos and anvils on themselves

—————————Unrelated scenario to C++ lusers :)——————
bigkid1: hey! give me back my toy!
kid2: not unless u give me my green man.
kid1: *smacks kid2*
kid1: *pushes kid2 who falls, skids and gashes his knees and elbow, grins smugly*
kid2: *kicks kid1 and stamps on his foot*
adult1: hey whats going on here!
cool adult2: nah, theyre boys let them fight it out
kid2: *has swollen eye, bloody nose and limp*
kid1: *has black eye and sore tummy*
adult2: hey you know guys maybe u shouldnt give each other black eyes, try aiming 4 the chest area..safer. but its up to u big kid, he did take ur toy. n u my boy n all so im gonna give u some leeway.

adult1: I cant watch this silliness anymore. okay thats enough guys break it up.
adult3: yeah break it up kids. *helps adult1 pull apart*

kid2: haha even tho ur bigger I gave u a black eye. Im tough. I won.
kid1: shut up. no i won. look how much blood i made u lose.
kid2: nah uh
kid1: yah uh
kid2: nah uh
kid1: yah uh
kid2: :p
kid1: nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh


15 08 2006

Perhaps you know I am a bboy (breakdancer – wihthin the culture breakdancer has a negative connotation). This weekend I was away doing a show for a high profile client (you certainly have heard and likely used their product), they paid for our hotel, dinner and breakfast and travel – in addition to the good pay for performing. I was fairly nervouse as it was the most major show I have ever done. Thusly, I did not in my opinion perform up to par (although the other 3 in the crew did quite well despite their opinion that they too did not do their best) but apparently this went beyond the notice of the hosts since these people were highly impressed and offered us further jobs (one of the things you train is how to catch messups and cleanly or smoothly link them into something else so it looks like you did it on purpose).

There were other acts as well, all extremely talented – magicians, singer/dancers , tricksters etc. I was most humbled to have been performing with such evidently talented people. All in all it was a fun weekend.

As a side note, in the old days lots of mathematicians used to do gymnastics – Weiserstrass and Sophus Lie come to mind – it is only a recent development that the concept of nerd came to be. I blame hollywood. I note this only because bboyin borrows alot from gymnastics. but i must emphasize that it is a dance artform.

I now return you to our regular scheduling. Some other posts will follow this – Part 3 of the essay namely. But I must go now, Bush is giving a speech. :)