19 09 2006

YESSSS!! I have got it working. The engine is written in Nemerle. I recompiled the appropriate F# module had to apply the appropriate arguments by hand at a console eww. A special CLI independent version of the compiler was given, my version of F# was written when mono did not support generics. btw the people who wrote F# invented generics for .net…F# is like the C of .net – the next level after assembly in terms of performance. More on everything later.





Mac OSX:

I dont have it but that is supported too

wooh 0 fps! Psych im running Ubuntu through VMPlayer with lots of background tasks both on Ubuntu and windows not to mention a few firefox crashes and leakages. Im quite certain if it can run at ~2 – 5fps here then i have little to worry about in terms of speed.

The windows one is running at 85fps on top of vmplayer.. There is a lot more going on than the simple screen would suggest. Graphics library allowing system independent code is Irrlicht.net CP.

Python script.

tex1 = graphics.scene_author.texture_pool.Load_Texture("Stone_Sample_002.JPG")

graphics.scene_author.Add_Sky_Box("sk5n.bmp", "sk5n.bmp",
                   "sk4n.bmp", "sk2n.bmp",
                   "sk1n.bmp", f = "sk3n.bmp")

plane = graphics.terrain.Create_Terrain_with_plane(width = 3000, height = 3000)
graphics.scene_author.Add_Terrain_to_scene_Plane(plane, tex1)

the bmps were originally in a textures subdirectory but i had to change the script and copy bmps to same dir as app. THe solution to this is quite easy thanks to .NET! More and how I was able to change my graphics layer in a way that didnt break scripting to later.. Ramble ramble

A more cohesive post tomorrow / later




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