Satire Session

17 08 2006

People who use C++ like dropping pianos and anvils on themselves

—————————Unrelated scenario to C++ lusers :)——————
bigkid1: hey! give me back my toy!
kid2: not unless u give me my green man.
kid1: *smacks kid2*
kid1: *pushes kid2 who falls, skids and gashes his knees and elbow, grins smugly*
kid2: *kicks kid1 and stamps on his foot*
adult1: hey whats going on here!
cool adult2: nah, theyre boys let them fight it out
kid2: *has swollen eye, bloody nose and limp*
kid1: *has black eye and sore tummy*
adult2: hey you know guys maybe u shouldnt give each other black eyes, try aiming 4 the chest area..safer. but its up to u big kid, he did take ur toy. n u my boy n all so im gonna give u some leeway.

adult1: I cant watch this silliness anymore. okay thats enough guys break it up.
adult3: yeah break it up kids. *helps adult1 pull apart*

kid2: haha even tho ur bigger I gave u a black eye. Im tough. I won.
kid1: shut up. no i won. look how much blood i made u lose.
kid2: nah uh
kid1: yah uh
kid2: nah uh
kid1: yah uh
kid2: :p
kid1: nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh




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