The Tangled Web of Existence

20 05 2006

I read somewhere that blogs allow people to think aloud and to think loudly. Begin.

I am a philosopher, one studying math but only because there is no better tool, no better way to exercise the mind than to partake in mathematics. Of course there are many who would state that musing on philosophy is a waste of time. But truly, since on the most objective scale, nothing we do on this world has meaning [without us], has no impact on the rest of the universe that is not us (which is basically to say we have no impact whatsoever), and all that we do may as well not have been since we die and it as if we never were within decades, what I ask, is a waste of time? And for those few who are remembered what good does it do the dead to remember them? Perhaps in forward thought it is good to think that you will be remembered but again, what good is that to you dead? There is an answer to this and I will give it later, in another entry.

The point of philosophy is to ask why? And to try to answer this "why" as objectively as possible by using purely subjective analogies. This is the best that may be done. This is the human, the finite minded sentient condition. All other endeavors – even physics – they do not ask why. Physics says this is how it is but it does not tell why, is this predilection for ignoring why, going about as if it is not a question worthy of pursuit,is it some sort of defense mechanism for those who would rather not ponder the pointlessness of all they do? I would rebut the last with this that is the core of this series of essays: "To each his own". Such lines of thought may ultimately lead nowhere, but then what does? Leads somewhere, that is. Again, what is time not wasted? I will note though, I feel not but scorn for those who would feel superior to others because their job requires more "skill". Pfeh. If it is not evident, I have strong tendencies towards relativism but I am *not* a relativist.

(a) Why does the universe exist? More importantly without someone self aware to perceive it would the universe exist? I am not thinking about quantum mechanics because that one does say yes to my second question. No I mean, without someone self aware to perceive it would the universe exist? Of course you could say, yes, the universe does not need to be perceived to exist – stuff still goes on and has gone on without us. But then, the notion of existence is not possible without perception, it is an invention of the ability to consciously perceive. That we are here now is required for us to be able to say but of course it existed in the past. Where "we" is the set of all beings in the universe who may perceive. "Meaning" is a sentient invention, without us there is no meaning. Certainly there is some inherent structure with a pattern that we may observe and say, yes "this is", but again, it is required that "we" exist to make this observation. If there was no one to ever observe the universe, what point would there be? Can you see what I am driving at? There may be aliens, even if we do not see them that we acknowledge that they may exist is sufficient that they exist. So, it is true that aliens exist (see modal logic, the philosophical part of my RPG is tied to this). But those who make this observation must themselves exist to make this observation. If no one did, if no one could, would anything exist? This question makes me cry. But I feel that the answer *should* be Yes. Things had to exist before us before we got here. But I feel that they had no meaning, meaning is subjective. We bring our own meaning to the universe. Without us (the set of all self aware) the universe might as well not exist. Because it would be meaningless, essentially, pointless. Do you disagree? If yes, please state, it would mean so much to me.

(b) It is often remarked that humans and similar exist because the universe would not go about the business of creating itself if there was no one to admire it. Is that the purpose to our existence? Is that why we exist? I leave that as un-answerable, and un-addressable. It may be or it may not be. This question may as well not have been asked, it may as well not exist. There is not sufficient data to even speculate on this possibility.

(c) It is more acceptable to think that we were created by random non-directed purposes and that our existence is explainable as being a result as such. But if you agree with me then you accept (a) and thus feel that we bring our meaning to the universe. With (a) in mind one cannot help but consider (b) which immediately leads to (c) which must be considered with (a). Nonetheless (a) does not imply (b). We could very well have been a result of random processes and it is only a coincidence that we validated the universe's existence. What a happy thing.

Whatever you believe, its Objective truthiness will never be known. But hopefully, your conclusion is a happy one. Me, I see that we have no impact on the universe, we may as well not exist but then again, we add our own take of meaning to it. And if we are the only life in the universe, we give the universe its meaning. This is for me, a good ending.




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