9 05 2006

I have a few things I need to do in terms of technical details but I have things to a state that i can begin to implement gameplay details. But first a list of technical things to do.

  • Doors for town generation. When you generate mass numbers objects no handles are returned so they cant be modified individually post generate. At least not without writing an editor. This is fine, generic buildings should be made this way. For doors, there will be an additional variable called size that controls how large the random interior will be.
  • Blocking sections off, there should be volumes – a list of them – where object placement is not allowed by the mas generator so that special buildings can be put there.
  • A way to identify what type the mesh at a certain scene node is. This is for example to allow for auto talking, attacking and picking up. I want to see how many functions I can place in one intelligent button.
  • Allow the modification of scale and position by script interface.



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