3 05 2006

A few days ago I decided/realized that games could be used/viewed in a way different than they currenty usually are. I have in mind as a serious tool to aid in creating original maths research. Thus I embarked upon what is a self enriching ultra project.

I am making an RPG. A real RPG with very little emphasis placed on fighting but instead exploration and conversation. It will be 3D. As I am one person I have decided to make it expanding episodic. It is divided into smallish to medium episodes, yet each new episode is reachable from the old one and vice versa. Also, each episode is aware of changes made in the other. How? The core is overwriting scripts.

It will be first person. No HP in the conventional sense but a similar more explained concept. No levels but like HP again, a similar concept. Not an epic but very personal although with no overarching main plot to speak of. Remember, tis episodic. There will be exploration into how to have meaningful player driven/generated stories. In the begining you pick character attributes and backgrounds that you feel most fit you.

For specific reasons you are a student of magic although no specific classes exist. Your job is Explorer. You have proficiencies. It starts as fantasy yet the future, present and past are explored in future episodes. Each reachable from the other. There will also be planehopping.

Finally this is a research project first and foremost. Although it is my hope that a fun game will emerge from the process. The languages in use are C# (the game engine), basic Python – only for scripting and F# for specific reasons, core to the research, that I will reveal in a future post.




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